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Jetcraft News / Re: JetCraft 1.2.3
« on: February 04, 2017, 03:57:57 PM »
I'm mostly just fixing what's already there and adding in some new content while I'm at it.
Nobody is actually playing the game as far as I'm aware, so updating the syntax highlighting on the forum for three new functions isn't exactly high priority, but by all means feel free to add these to the keywords function array.

Jetcraft News / JetCraft 1.2.3
« on: February 04, 2017, 10:30:48 AM »
JetCraft 1.2.3 patch notes:
• Game:
    - Fixed an issue with multiplayer achievement models rendering outside frame.
    - Added mouse wheel support to the multiplayer achievements menu.
    - Minor bug fixes.
    • New Challenge Maps:
        - Fort Volcano (Easy)
        - Frozen (Medium)
• Editor:
    - Fixed an issue with the item search label being cut off.
    - Fixed an issue where connect mode could be engaged without any tiles selected.
    - Fixed an issue where the entity UI wasn't updated when shift-offsetting a single tile.
    - Fixed an issue where the entity data wasn't reset when shift-offsetting tiles.
    - Fixed an issue with entity model facing resetting when shift-offsetting tiles with entities.
    - Exposed -loadinternal#, -loadtutorial and -loadcredits commands to load internal levels in the editor.
    • JetScript:
        - Added a new event: Player Collects Item.
        • New functions:
            - object ItemFromName(string name)
            - void ActivateAllTilesWithItem(object player, object item)
            - bool GameIsTestMap()

Jetcraft News / Re: JetCraft 1.2.2
« on: January 24, 2017, 01:42:36 PM »
I don't mind.

Jetcraft News / JetCraft 1.2.2
« on: January 22, 2017, 03:41:48 PM »
Primarily a maintenance patch to fix up most of the issues introduced with Legacy of the Void and later updates.
This new version can only be obtained via the launcher for the time being.

JetCraft 1.2.2 patch notes:
• Game:
    - Fixed an issue with texttags not displaying.
    - Fixed an issue with the scorescreen progress bar texture not rendering correctly.
    - Added mouse wheel support to the challenges interface, script editor and editor item list.
    - StarCraft 2 error messages are now hidden.
    - Added new music.
• Editor:
    - The unit highlight cursor is no longer displayed when hovering over the editor grid.
    - The editbox in the script editor will now automatically gain focus when a new line is selected.
    - Fixed an issue where white squares would appear when scrolling the item list.
    - Centered the parenting button labels.

In addition, I've also patched up the launcher.

JetCraft General Discussion / Re: SC2 Patch 3.0 known issues
« on: October 09, 2015, 11:20:43 AM »
In theory, yes, but the 64-bit client is just a mess at the moment. Performance issues left and right. It's probably better to just stay with the 32-bit client until it's been fixed.

JetCraft General Discussion / SC2 Patch 3.0 known issues
« on: October 09, 2015, 07:12:52 AM »
I'm compiling a list of bugs and issues in JetCraft introduced with the 3.0 patch to StarCraft 2 for a future update.
Feel free to post any bugs not found in the list.

Known issues:
• Text tags are no longer displayed.
• Main menu buttons are no longer highlighted when hovered. The same applies to level select in multiplayer.
• Scrolling the editor brush list spawns white squares on empty item slots.
• Multiplayer achievement trophies are displayed outside the panel.
• The unit highlight cursor is displayed when hovering over the editor grid.

Possible improvements:
• SC2 now has a mouse wheel scroll event. This could be used for more intuitive browsing in challenges, achievement and editor brush lists.
• Editboxes can now request focus via scripts. This could be used to improve the JetScript Editor workflow.
• 64-bit option for the launcher.

JetCraft General Discussion / Re: Is this game dead?
« on: September 09, 2015, 02:47:26 AM »
Ohayou. Sorry about the extremely late reply to this thread. I haven't been very active around here lately.

I haven't made any new content for JetCraft in a while now, mostly due to the lack of players/overall interest and real life events.
However, I will make at least one new patch with some more challenge levels after LotV has been released as the expansion is bound to break something as HotS did before it, but for now JetCraft is seemingly stable and I haven't found any major or game-breaking issues.
I don't really see any point in continuing developing the game post LotV though, as it's not even a learning experience at that point, but we'll see.
The singleplayer campaign is probably not going to happen anymore though, at least not without help.

For the time being, I'll be busy speed-mapping a minigame for Rock the Cabinet 2015 (ohgodwhydididothis).

Jetcraft News / Jetcraft 1.0.0
« on: November 24, 2014, 08:15:56 AM »
1.0.0 - 01 May 2014
• Game:
    - Replay saving has been enabled.
    - Added a checkpoint system to multiplayer games.
    - Added a quick guide to the multiplayer menu.
    - Text tags can no longer display during level initialization.
    - Fixed a minor issue with the tile reset function.
    - A lot of static text fields has been prepared for eventual localization.
    - Checkpoint items will no longer be created in multiplayer games.
    - Player teleport cooldown duration has been increased to 20 seconds.
    • New Challenge Maps:
        - The Cellar (Easy)
        - Detour (Easy)
        - Lift-off (Medium)
        - Classic Four (Hard)
        - No Time To Explain! (Insane)
• Editor:
    - Empty (null) items are now selectable from the item list.
    - Worked some more on the documentation.
    - Fixed an issue where deleting a level could result in several duplicated and empty levels.
    - Interface has been further improved.
    • JetScript:
        - Fixed an issue with missiles only colliding with player 1.
        - Added a player spawned event for multiplayer games.
        • New functions:
            - void MissileSetCollisionIgnorePlayer(object missile, object player, bool ignore)
            - bool GameIsMultiplayer()
            - void ModelDisplay(object model, bool display)
• New Items:
    - Turret
    - Grass Patch (Decoration)
    - Grass Patch (Background)
    - Grass Surface End (Left)
    - Grass Surface End (Right)
    - Grass Surface End (Both)
    - Ventilation (Horizontal)
    - Ventilation (Vertical)
    - Iron Panel (Dark)
    - Iron Bars (Background)
    - Stone Wall
    - Stone Wall Surface
    - Stone Wall Background
    - Stone Wall Window
    - Stone Wall Top
    - Stone Wall Archway (Top Right)
    - Stone Wall Archway (Top Left)
    - Stone Wall Archway (Right)
    - Stone Wall Archway (Left)
    - Stone Wall Archway (Top)
    - Stone Wall Right
    - Stone Wall Left
    - Stone Wall Door Right
    - Stone Wall Door Left
    - Stone Wall Door Up
    - Level Exit (Stone Wall)
    - Stone Pillar
    - Trigger Initializer

Jetcraft News / Jetcraft 0.9.0
« on: November 24, 2014, 08:11:48 AM »
0.9.0 - 03 March 2014
• Game:
    - Added multiplayer co-op mode.
    - Added multiplayer achievements.
    - Updated game code to support multiple players at once.
    - Snow now reduces the player's movement speed and reduces fall damage as originally intended.
    - Increased jump height slightly.
    - Fixed an issue where the player would spawn at a checkpoint when restarting from the scorescreen.
    - Fixed an issue where the player could retain the properties of the last tile of the previous level.
    - Improved the texttags displayed from items.
    - Built-in levels using JetScript has been updated to use the updated player functions.
    - Touched up old assets.
    - Heavily optimized entity code.
    - General code optimization/maintenance.
    • New Challenge Maps:
        - CGSOURCE (Easy)
        - Rock Avalanche (Medium)
        - Utter Insanity (Insane)
• Editor:
    - Improved level compression algorithm. Custom levels will now be MUCH smaller in filesize.
    - Level loading and saving is now faster.
    - Undoing tile changes is now faster.
    - Implemented a multiplayer emulation option in test games.
    - Interface updates.
    • JetScript:
        - A lot of functions have been changed to support multiple players.
        • New Functions:
            - object EventPlayer()
            - object Player(int index)
            - int PlayerGetIndex(object player)
            - bool PlayerIsPlaying(object player)
            - const int MaxPlayers()
            - void PlayerSetJetpackVelocity(fixed velocity)
            - fixed PlayerGetJetpackVelocity()
            - void PlayerResetJetpackVelocity()
            - void PlayerSetMaxJetpackVelocity(fixed velocity)
            - fixed PlayerGetMaxJetpackVelocity()
            - void PlayerResetMaxJetpackVelocity()
            - void PlayerSetJetpackFuelConsumption(fixed amount)
            - fixed PlayerGetJetpackFuelConsumption()
            - void PlayerResetJetpackFuelConsumption()
• New Items:
    - Red Bricks (Surface)
    - Dark Stone (Surface)
    - Emitter Pad (Left)
    - Emitter Pad (Right)
    - Emitter Pad (Up)
    - Emitter Pad (Down)
    - Emitter Pads (Horizontal)
    - Emitter Pads (Vertical)
    - Boulder

Jetcraft News / Jetcraft 0.8.0
« on: November 24, 2014, 08:07:43 AM »
0.8.0 - 08 February 2014
• Game:
    - Further reduced drowning sequence duration.
    - Fixed an issue with the Invisible Teleporter teleporting dead players.
    - Fixed an issue with swapped tiles loading wrong items across levels.
    - Fixed an issue with the Invincibility item not loading its textures.
    - Fixed an issue where the player could drown after being killed above water.
    - Optimized tile-related code.
    - Added more sound effects.
    - Added more music.
    - Normalized music volumes.
    • New challenge maps:
        - JetCraft (Easy)
        - Welcome to the Dungeon (Easy)
        - HeatCraft (Medium)
        - Forward! (Medium)
        - Thread the Needle (Insane)
        - Volcanic Activities (Insane)
• Editor:
    - Iterated on the editor help dialog.
    - Added painting functionality to the middle mouse button.
    - Added a new background model.
• New Items:
    - Force Barrier Red Horizontal
    - Force Barrier Red Vertical
    - Force Barrier Green Horizontal
    - Force Barrier Green Vertical
    - Force Barrier Blue Horizontal
    - Force Barrier Blue Vertical
    - Dark Stone
    - Dark Stone (Ice)
    - Dark Stone (Snow)
    - Red Bricks
    - Red Bricks (Ice)
    - Red Bricks (Snow)

Jetcraft News / Jetcraft 0.7.2
« on: November 24, 2014, 08:06:21 AM »
0.7.2 - 30 December 2013
• Game:
    - Interface models will now display even with 3D portraits turned off.
    - Fixed lighting flickering.
• Editor:
    • JetScript:
        - Doubled maximum array lengths.
        • New Functions:
            - void GameSetLighting(int level)

Jetcraft News / Jetcraft 0.7.1
« on: November 24, 2014, 07:45:27 AM »
0.7.1 - 27 December 2013
• Game:
    - Fixed a thread crash caused by the missile system.
    - Updated some of the older maps.
    • New challenge maps:
        - It's a Trap!? (Medium)
        - Treasure Island (Hard)
• Editor:
    - Fixed a bug in the undo/redo system history management.
    - Fixed a bug with the level delete/overwrite function.
    - Fixed a bug with redoing selection changes.
    • JetScript:
        • New Functions:
            - object ItemFromId(int itemId)
• New Items:
    - Lava
    - Lava Surface
    - Wooden Sign (Question Mark)
    - Wooden Sign (Arrow Up)

Jetcraft News / Jetcraft 0.7.0
« on: November 24, 2014, 07:44:26 AM »
0.7.0 - 25 December 2013
• Game:
    - Reduced drowning sequence duration.
• Editor:
    - Added a new pop-up help interface (WIP).
    - Improved interface graphics.
    - Added a new background model.
    - Spike tiles can now turn into projectiles when activated by a trigger.
    - Highlighted tiles will now be selected after pasting.
    - Undo and redo is now a lot faster.
    - Added selection changes to the undo history.
    - Increased maximum undo history length to 512.
    - Entity tiles can no longer repeat outside map bounds.
    • JetScript:
        - Updated to JetScript 2.0 →
            - Improved engine speed and efficiency.
            - Scripts can now be compiled inside the editor to check for errors.
            - New and better scripting tools and user interface.
            - Added syntax highlighting.
            - Increased maximum script lines from 32 to 99.
            - Arrays are now dynamic.
            - Added support for array initialization.
            - Added 'until', 'do while', 'do until', 'repeat' and 'for' loops.
            - Added a 'for x in y' loop for arrays.
            - Added a 'do' block for generic code grouping.
            - Added a new 'object' type (object pointer).
            - Added multi-line comments.
            - Added a native JetScript missile system.
            - \n and \" can now be used in strings.
            - Added and reworked tons of functions.
            - Undo/redo functions now work inside the JetScript Editor.
            - Script debugging is now on by default.
• New Items:
    - Trigger Relay Random
    - Metal Lamp
    - Wall Lever Red
    - Wall Lever Green
    - Wall Lever Blue
    - Bat

JetScript / Mouse X and Y Position?
« on: August 04, 2013, 06:18:50 AM »
I've added a bunch of mouse related functions to version 0.6.2. Check it out :)

Jetcraft News / JetCraft 0.6.2
« on: August 04, 2013, 05:56:55 AM »

JetCraft Beta version 0.6.2 has been released!
Head over to the beta page to download it.

What's new in 0.6.2:
• Game:
    - Fixed an issue where the gameplay UI buttons would display during the scorescreen.
• Editor:
    • JetScript:
        • New Events:
            - Mouse Button Pressed
            - Mouse Button Released
        • New Functions:
            - void InitializeMouseTracker()
            - fixed MouseGetX()
            - fixed MouseGetY()
            - bool MouseButtonIsPressed(int WhichButton)
            - const int MouseButtonLeft()
            - const int MouseButtonRight()
            - const int MouseButtonMiddle()
            - const int MouseButtonX1()
            - const int MouseButtonX2()
            - const int EventMouseButton()

Jetcraft News / JetCraft 0.6.1
« on: August 03, 2013, 12:49:17 PM »

JetCraft Beta version 0.6.1 has been released!
Head over to the beta page to download it.

What's new in 0.6.1:
• Game:
    - Added a exit button to the main menu.
• Editor:
    • JetScript:
        - GameShowInterface will no longer affect the interface buttons.

JetScript / Mouse X and Y Position?
« on: August 03, 2013, 12:46:20 PM »
Not with the current API. I could add some functions to get the cursor position for the next version if you need it.

JetCraft General Discussion / My Suggestions
« on: August 03, 2013, 07:50:01 AM »
Hello Swordman

Thank you for taking the time to post these suggestions :)

-There is no Exit Button in the main Menu.
There wasn't much need for a exit button as the player can exit the game at any time via the game menu.
Wouldn't take long to add one though, so I might just add one anyway.
-The Standard Starcraft 2 Pause Menu will show up after pressing ESC. You can disable that via triggers if you want.
I suppose, but it's still needed to tweak default game options.
-In the Mod Asteroids is no exit button at the top right border. It's impossible to quit the challenge.
I just noticed this bug myself. I'll get a hotfix out ASAP.

JetScript / Jetscript BBcode testing
« on: August 01, 2013, 12:23:36 PM »
The JetScript highlighting is looking good :)

Jetcraft News / JetCraft 0.6.0
« on: August 01, 2013, 09:50:58 AM »

JetCraft Beta version 0.6.0 has been released!
Head over to the beta page to download it.

What's new in 0.6.0:
• Game:
    - Fixed an issue where the jetpack effect and sound could get stuck.
    - Holding down the 'climb down' (S) button while jumping now causes the player to go directly into flight.
    - The Challenge section has been implemented.
    • New challenge maps:
        - The Drop Challenge (Mod)
        - Asteroids (Mod)
        - Classic One (Easy)
        - Tower of Bricks (Easy)
        - Classic Two (Medium)
        - Metallic Ice (Medium)
        - Don't Touch the Floor! (Medium)
        - Space Castle (Medium)
        - Classic Five (Hard)
        - Rocket Cages (Hard)
        - Terrible Terrible Level (Hard)
        - Classic Six (Hard)
• Editor:
    - Further improved interface graphics.
    • JetScript:
        - Scripts with Key Pressed events will now execute even though user control is turned off.
        - PlayerMoveInstantly will no longer reset the camera if it's detached.
        - TimeFormat will now return the correct value.
        - Scripts can no longer run during the score screen.
        - Fixed an issue with array variables of type fixed sometimes causing a error.
        • New Functions:
            - int PlayerGetScore()
            - int PlayerGetScoreMultiplier()
            - const int KeyLeft()
            - const int KeyRight()
            - const int KeyUp()
            - const int KeyDown()
            - const int KeySprint()
            - const int KeyJump()
            - const int KeyUse()
            - const fixed MapCenterX()
            - const fixed MapCenterY()
            - fixed MapBoundCycleX(fixed X)
            - fixed MapBoundCycleY(fixed Y)
            - void GameSetMusic(int MusicId)
            - int GameGetMusic()
            - void EntitySetModel(int Entity, string Model, int Variation)
• New items:
    - Checkpoint
    - Entity Teleporter

JetCraft Beta has been uploaded to America, Europe and Korea/Taiwan regions.
Though, I would still recommend downloading and playing the game offline.

Jetcraft News / JetCraft 0.5.4 Released
« on: July 16, 2013, 05:04:56 PM »

JetCraft Beta version 0.5.4 has been released!
Head over to the beta page to download it.

What's new in 0.5.4:
• Game:
    - Banks will now be generated even though the user didn't save any custom level.
• Editor:
    - Improved interface graphics.
    - Fixed an issue where importing code into the currently opened script wouldn't update the interface.
    - Fixed an issue where the undo history didn't reset when opening the editor.
    - Fixed an issue where a lot of editor messages could cause a class instance overflow.
    • JetScript:
        - Scripts can now be rearranged.
        - TileGetMaxRows() and TileGetMaxCollumns() are now constants.
        - Added a resize keyword for arrays.
        • New functions:
            - void PlayerModelDisplay(bool DoDisplay)
            - void GameShowInterface(bool Show)
            - const fixed MapBoundMinX()
            - const fixed MapBoundMinY()
            - const fixed MapBoundMaxX()
            - const fixed MapBoundMaxY()
            - bool PointIsInsideMapBounds(fixed X, fixed Y)

JetScript / Jetscript BBcode testing
« on: July 15, 2013, 01:30:48 PM »
Code: JetScript  [Select]
  1. bool b [2]
  2. int i
  3. while (true)
  4.     i += 2
  5.     if (i % 30 == 0)
  6.         break
  7.     endif
  8.     resize b i+1
  9.     b[i] = true
  10. endwhile

Code: JetScript  [Select]
  1. if (false)
  2.     PlayerAddScore(-PlayerGetScore())
  3. elseif (!true != false)
  4.     exit
  5. else
  6.     PlayerAddScore(2000)
  7. endif
  9. debug
  10.     string s = "asdf"
  11.     Message(s)
  12.     free s
  13. enddebug

Code: JetScript  [Select]
  1. global readonly fixed InitialFuel = 8.00
  2. PlayerAddFuel(InitialFuel)

Code: JetScript  [Select]
  1. int i = 0
  2. while (i < 8)
  3.     if (i == 4)
  4.         continue
  5.     endif
  6.     Message(IntToString(i))
  7.     i++
  8. endwhile

Code: JetScript  [Select]
  1. int
  2. fixed
  3. bool
  4. string
  5. void

The theme defaults the font color to white:

JetScript / Tutorial about jetscript??
« on: July 14, 2013, 03:47:07 PM »
Not as of yet, but the JetScript section in the work-in-progress editor manual should give you an idea on how to use it.

If you have any question the manual doesn't address, feel free to ask.

Jetcraft Editor / Challenge Level Submission
« on: July 11, 2013, 07:59:31 PM »
Challenge Map Submission

Submit your own challenge level in this thread.
If the level is of sufficient quality, it'll be included in the official list of challenge levels and you'll get your name in the credits as a Challenge Level Designer.

Level Difficulties:
• Mod - Levels with modified game rules (heavily scripted).
• Easy - A minimal number of lethal objects and huge drops. A walk in the park.
• Medium - Requires higher precision. Occasional death trap.
• Hard - A lot of deaths and restarts is to be expected.
• Insane - Deadly obstacles and tricky jumps around every corner.


1. Level must be winnable with a three-star rating.
2. Level must have a player start.
3. Non-mod levels must have at least one exit.

How to submit:

1. Open your level in the JetCraft Editor.

2. Press Save Map String to generate the string.

3. Select and copy (ctrl+c) the generated string (make sure you've selected the whole thing by double-clicking).

4. Paste it inside spoiler and code tags.


Entity Trigger Region Test
Code: [Select]
QEntity Trigger Region Test29000oU000U01Gqm00;gG00Sa0c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??00c2028200??00c2028200??00c2028100??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??a0c2020300??00c2020300??c1c2020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??00c2028200??00c2028200??00c2028100??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??00c2020300??99c2020300??c1c2020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??00c2028200??00c2028200??00c2028100??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??ci01020300??c101020300??9b01020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??clc20203001xc1c2020300??c1c2020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??00c2028200??00c2028200??00c2028100??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??ci01020300??gbck020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??90c3020300??9ac3020300??c1c2020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??00c2028200??00c2028200??00c2028100??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??ci01020300??00ck02b006??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??gf010203001xc1c2020300??clc20203002Ac1c2020300??c1c2020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??00c2028200??00c2028200??00c2028100??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??ci01020300??c101020300??0001020300550001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??90c3020300??9ac3020300??c1c2020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??00c2028200??00c2028200??00c2028100??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??ci010203002^g7ckcj0300??9101020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??gf010203002Ac1c2020300??clc20203002=c1c2020300??c1c2020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??00c2028200??00c2028200??00c2028100??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??ci010203003Bg7ckcj0300??9101020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??90c3020300??9ac3020300??c1c2020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??00c2028200??00c2028200??00c2028100??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??ci010203003hg7ckcj0300??9101020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??gf010203002=c1c2020300??clc20203003oc1c2020300??c1c2020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??00c2028200??00c2028200??00c2028100??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??ci010203003[g7ckcj0300??9101020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??90c3020300??9ac3020300??c1c2020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??00c2028200??00c2028200??00c2028100??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??ci010203004Jg7ckcj0300??9101020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??gf010203003oc1c2020300??clc20203004Qc1c2020300??c1c2020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??00c2028200??00c2028200??00c2028100??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??ci010203004pg7ckcj0300??9101020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??90c2020300??00c2020300??c1c2020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??00c2028200??00c2028200??00c2028100??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??ci010203004|g7ckcj0300??9101020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??a1c2020300??gcc2020300??c1c2020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??00c2028200??00c2028200??00c2028100??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??cic2020300??00c2020300??00c2020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??00c2028200??00c2028200??00c2028100??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??cic2020300??a1c2020300??00c2020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??00c2028200??00c2028200??00c2028100??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??cic2020300??00c2020300??00c2020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??c001020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??00c2028200??00c2028200??00c2028100??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??c001020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??00c2028200??00c2028200??00c2028100??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??c001020300??0001020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c1c2020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c401020300??c101020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0001020300??0

5. Submit.

Jetcraft Editor / Editor Introduction
« on: July 10, 2013, 06:52:19 AM »
Could you please give a hand with the supported function names?

I'd like in this format:

Code: PHP  [Select]
  1. 'exit', 'continue', 'break'

If you want the functions categorized, please group them with the respective html color an style.

I still haven't achieved the ; replacement, but still I have a possible idea about how to do it.

Like this?

Types: bold, #0000ff
Code: PHP  [Select]
  1. 'int', 'bool', 'fixed', 'string', 'void'

Keywords: #0000ff
Code: PHP  [Select]
  1. 'global', 'readonly', 'free', 'if', 'else', 'elseif', 'endif', 'while', 'endwhile', 'debug', 'enddebug', 'resize', 'continue', 'exit', 'break'

Functions: bold, #8080ff
Code: PHP  [Select]
  1. 'EventTile', 'EventKey', 'EventHealthAmount', 'EventHealthType', 'EventEntity', 'IntToString', 'StringToInt', 'IntToFixed', 'FixedToInt', 'FixedToString', 'FixedToStringPrecision', 'StringToFixed', 'BoolToString', 'BoolToInt', 'IntToBool', 'ColorToHex', 'TimeFormat', 'Wait', 'Message', 'ClearMessages', 'RunScript', 'EnableScript', 'CurrentScript', 'VariableExists', 'VariableArrayLength', 'GameEndVictory', 'GameEndDefeat', 'GameKeysTotal', 'GameKeysCollected', 'GameKeysRemaining', 'GameExitIsOpen', 'GameIsMultiplayer', 'GameGetElapsedTime', 'GameSetGravity', 'GameResetGravity', 'ScoreBonusAdditionCreate', 'ScoreBonusPercentCreate', 'ScoreBonusMultiplyCreate', 'LineBreak', 'Quote', 'StringLength', 'SubString', 'StringWord', 'ColorizeString', 'StyleString', 'StringInsertImage', 'PlayerKill', 'PlayerAddHealth', 'PlayerSetHealth', 'PlayerGetHealth', 'PlayerAddScore', 'PlayerAddScoreMultiplier', 'PlayerMoveInstantly', 'PlayerAddFuel', 'PlayerGetFuel', 'PlayerEnableUserControl', 'PlayerSetInvincible', 'PlayerIsInvincible', 'PlayerIsDead', 'PlayerIsWalking', 'PlayerIsFlying', 'PlayerIsClimbing', 'PlayerIsOnLadder', 'PlayerIsFalling', 'PlayerGetX', 'PlayerGetY', 'PlayerSetX', 'PlayerSetY', 'PlayerGetXVelocity', 'PlayerGetYVelocity', 'PlayerSetXVelocity', 'PlayerSetYVelocity', 'PlayerGetKey', 'PlayerKeyIsPressed', 'PlayerCurrentTile', 'PointIsPathable', 'PointContainsPlayer', 'PointContainsEntity', 'DamagePoint', 'DestroyEntitiesInRangeOfPoint', 'DistanceBetweenPoints', 'AngleBetweenPoints', 'Tile', 'TileFromXY', 'TileContainsPlayer', 'TileGetX', 'TileGetY', 'TileGetRow', 'TileGetCollumn', 'TileGetMaxRows', 'TileGetMaxCollumns', 'TileIsPassable', 'TileForcePassable', 'TileActivate', 'TileGetItem', 'TileSwapItem', 'TileGroupCreate', 'TileGroupDestroy', 'TileGroupAdd', 'TileGroupAddRegion', 'TileGroupAddGroup', 'TileGroupRemove', 'TileGroupRemoveRegion', 'TileGroupRemoveGroup', 'TileGroupCount', 'TileGroupHasTile', 'TileGroupClear', 'TileGroupCenterTile', 'TileGroupContainsPlayer', 'TileGroupSwapItem', 'TileGroupLoop', 'TileGroupLoopCurrent', 'TextTagCreate', 'TextTagSetAlignment', 'TextTagSetPosition', 'TextTagAttachToPlayer', 'TextTagFadeOut', 'TextTagDestroy', 'ModelCreate', 'ModelDestroy', 'ModelFadeOut', 'ModelSetPosition', 'ModelSetFacing', 'ModelSetScale', 'ModelSendMessage', 'ModelCreatePlayerCopy', 'InterfaceCreateImage', 'InterfaceCreateLabel', 'InterfaceCreateUIFrame', 'InterfaceSetPosition', 'InterfaceSetSize', 'InterfaceSetText', 'InterfaceSetImageRotation', 'InterfaceSetVisible', 'InterfaceDestroy', 'CameraDetach', 'CameraAttach', 'CameraMove', 'CameraSetDistance', 'CameraSetRoll', 'CameraReset', 'ItemGetName', 'ItemIsPassable', 'ItemIsClimbable', 'ItemIsCollectable', 'ItemIsLethal', 'EntityCreate', 'EntityGetType', 'EntityGetX', 'EntityGetY', 'EntityGetCustomValue', 'EntityGetCurrentTile', 'EntitySetX', 'EntitySetY', 'EntitySetCustomValue', 'EntitySetVelocity', 'EntitySetDirection', 'EntityDestroy', 'PlaySound', 'PlaySoundAtPoint', 'RandomInt', 'RandomFixed', 'Sin', 'Cos', 'Tan', 'ASin', 'ACos', 'ATan', 'ATan2', 'AbsInt', 'AbsFixed', 'Log', 'Log2', 'Exp', 'SquareRoot', 'ModInt', 'ModFixed', 'MaxInt', 'MaxFixed', 'MinInt', 'MinFixed', 'Pow', 'AnchorTopLeft', 'AnchorTop', 'AnchorTopRight', 'AnchorLeft', 'AnchorCenter', 'AnchorRight', 'AnchorBottomLeft', 'AnchorBottom', 'AnchorBottomRight'

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